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What is Reviver

Gum for Breath = Reviver for Clothes

Reviver Clothing Swipes are revolutionary odor eliminating dry swipes that allow you to instantly and discreetly swipe away unwanted aromas that cling to clothes and hair.

Like breath mints for clothing - Reviver offers the FIRST EVER, ON THE GO FRESHENING SOLUTION allowing you to refresh your clothes any time and anywhere regardless of what your day brings!

How it all began

A few years ago, I found myself in line at my local convenience store when a patron behind me commented that I “smelled like an ashtray.” Suddenly self-conscious, I scanned the store shelves and quickly realized that there were lots of products to freshen my breath—mints, gum and breath spray—but nothing to freshen my clothes and hair. For weeks afterward, I couldn’t quit thinking about how we pick up and carry around the aromas from our day, but can’t easily rid ourselves of them. It was at that moment that the light bulb went on.

What we all need

I realized I needed something that didn’t exist—a method that would simply, discreetly and immediately wipe away unwanted odors—whether they came from the airplane, the gym, the nightclub or that bustling barbecue joint. Put off by the powerful anti-odor sprays that practically crop dust you, I thought of my solution as “a breath mint for my clothes”— compact, easy and ready to use when you need a whiff of confidence. After six years of research and development, I created REVIVER, the first-ever clothing wipe that can instantly erase lingering odors on clothes, or even hair, and leave you feeling and smelling fresh.

How to revive with REVIVER

REVIVER is an innovative and technologically advanced freshening treatment that works when you slip the compact sleeve over your fingers and rub it against your hair or whatever you’re wearing to release its odor-eliminating ingredients. Each REVIVER swipe can be reused up to 10 times, which means you never have to stop to change clothes, douse yourself with perfume or cologne, or feel anything less than fresh.

I’m happy to say that REVIVER has a feel-good, stand-closer-to-me scent that lets busy people like you and me stay fresh all day, no matter where you’ve been or where you’re going. This really is the easiest wardrobe change ever!