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Swipe More, Stink Less

REVIVER Swipes give you that clean, crisp clothes feeling, while eliminating odors INSTANTLY!

Now you can save time, money, and wear and tear from washing or dry cleaning.

  • DRY
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  • REUSABLE 10x
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People Love Staying Fresh

CASS - Blessing

Most amazing and fantastic product known to man kind. Seriously this is amazing. I love it and plan to buy more. I have my sample one at work and it's great for before I go out to events. Just a few quick wipes and I smell fresh!

TARO - Worked as promised

I love this product and will definitely buy. It took even the nastiest smells (stench of bread from sitting in a subway sandwhich shop) right out of clothes. Convenient size to fit in purse to take on the go or short trips.

MARIA - Great way to get rid of bad odors

Great product! It is small & slim so it fits in my smallest purses or pockets to take along everywhere. I use it to get rid of bad odors on my clothes, hair, scarves, insoles of my running shoes & sometimes interior of my car!

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