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What our customers are saying


Using it for the first time I was in shock. Reading how it works, I decided to give it the major test. I wore a good sweater for about three weeks to a month. It went through different perfumes and a bunch of different scents in that period of time. I used it only on a sleeve and I was in complete shock. I used it all around the sweater and it smells like I just washed it. The people I showed it to was amazed as well. Defiantly buying this again.

Great product!

This product is great for traveling. I took it with me on a trip and needed it to help tone down the smell of smoke. It worked great! A quick simple fix!


The versatile wipes are great! I keep them in my purse, desk, diaper bag and vehicle. It takes the smell right out of clothes.

They get rid of odors

I took these on a two week hiking trip to Machu Picchu. Needless to say, there were days where I had to wear the same shirt more than once without washing it. These cloths got rid of body odor and left my shirts smelling clean. Don't know how, but they work!

Interesting concept

They are versitle, and I stash one in my office, one in my briefcase, one in my travel bag, and have given a few away to friends who were traveling. As a smoker, it's a nice back up plan.

Works Amazingly

I have a phobia of smelling bad and I sweat a lot during the summer. I carry one of these with me at all times and it removes any odors from sweating or food odors from going into a restaurant that has heavy food smell that lingers in your clothes.

Smell as fresh as you look

Just being real here ? sometimes I stink. Maybe it's me, maybe it's because laundry doesn't happen on the reg. It's nice to have this in my bag to whip out and freshen up.After a couple of months of use, it's kept its fresh smell, but it's losing some impact. Guess it's time to order some more.

Great Product

This is one of the most useful, non-cosmetic samples that I've received and I love it!We all get lazy with our laundry at some point and sometimes, it just doesn't make sense to rewash items after only one use.
For me, this product really came in handy when I traveled back to the town I went to college in, to go to a friends wedding. I was staying at a friend's house and only packed a few outfits for my four-day trip and wound up re-wearing the same fashion piece a few times. I didn't have a washing machine (or tub of hot water and detergent, nor extra time) at my disposal but had brought this little reviver along with me. I wiped it across my garment a few times to freshen it up and it worked great!
It's not meant to be used to clean your clothing, but it definitely served the purpose of reviving my garment for an extra day's use.
I will definitely be purchasing more.

Perfect product for traveling

I just brought my reviver on a vacation, and it was a lifesaver (OK, maybe a wardrobe saver...). Small, but packs a good punch. Was able to freshen up clothes for an extra wearing. Also used it on a long flight to help freshen my hair mid trip. Will not travel without these in the future!

Worked as promised

I love this product and will definitely buy. It took even the nastiest smells (stench of bread from sitting in a subway sandwhich shop) right out of clothes. Convenient size to fit in purse to take on the go or short trips.

Loved it

This was awesome! It got rid of all the nasty smells from my job at the morgue. Will definitely be ordering more.


Smells great, convinent. I usually leave it in the car just in case. After gym, after restuarant, etc. I will definitely buy again.

Life Saver for a guy on the road

I'm a traveling musician and sometimes it's hard to find a washing machine when you're out at every Motel 6 in every small town in America. These things have been a life saver. They really make a difference for a wardrobe that lives in a backpack. Love this product! Would recommend to anyone.

Got the cigarette smoke off my shirts

Glad to have these with me to China. I suffer from mild asthma, so lingering cigarette smoke on my clothing could trigger it. These got the scent off fairly quickly.

Total lifesaver

These dry deodorant wipes are amazing. They really do take care of pesky owners and leave your clothes smelling fresh. One of the restaurants I frequent has smoking inside but I hate coming home smelling like smoke. I make sure to give myself a nice wipe down and it really helps keep the smell out of my clothes when I wash it.

Awesome smell

Brought these on a trip with me to Europe and used when I had to take the overnight train to different countries. Definitely worth the buy if you need a smell refresher.

Best for travel & on the go

I use these whenever I travel and always keep one in my purse. They are great "refreshers" for clothes that need a quick touch-up. This is a great, universal product that even my husband has taken a liking to!

Great for traveling

Bought this for a recent 2-week trip to Europe. Since I only brought a carry-ons worth of clothing and knew I would have limited access to washing machines, I hoped this would be the fix to removing travel odors from my clothing. I love that each swipe is reusable and that the scent is refreshing and not too overpowering. I did find that it helped to remove the unwanted smoke-smell from my hair after a night out at the bar but it did little to remove odors from my clothing. It seems to mask the smell of various restaurant odors from my jacket and not totally remove them. In the end, they are super easy to use and as long as you air-out the article of clothing after swiping, they are a great quick fix for reducing the odors.

For the price, they are definitely worth trying out as you can reuse a swipe a few times and they will definitely come in handy even when you're not traveling.

smells divine

i love this product. went out of town and went to a bar, i had this on my purse and came in handy. because of the people who smokes in the bar i was able to use it to smell fresh, uses it on my clothes and even tried on it on my hair