SHARK TANK Offer - FREE SHIPPING!* - Expires 10/24/14

EXTENDED SHARK TANK Offer - FREE SHIPPING!* - Expires in 10/24/14

Reviver Pets is a daily, reusable freshening swipe for you and your dog or cat that empowers you to instantly eliminate unwanted smells that cling to clothes, fur, paws and hair.  Discover Reviver Pets today, and choose from 4 custom options.  Clip strip image reflects the "Classic" setup, though the clip strip itself is the same for any order.

Made in the USA, 100% non-toxic, with Aloe and Vitamin E
● Reusable, Dry, safe on fur and fabrics, and fun to use
● Fetchingly Fresh Scent (dogs) and Feline Fresh Scent (cats)
● Pet Parents product freshens your clothes from pet odors
● We include everything you need to install, including S-Hooks and pegs.  Loaded clip strip is ~25" long.

            Minimum quantity of 2 clip strips.
            We include up to 4 clip strips + product per shipper box.

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